19 février 2007

Asiatic art of chocolate ?

All of them are made with chocolate! Joséphine VannierHandcrafted chocolate4, rue du Pas de la Mule 75003 ParisTel 01 44 54 03 09
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12 février 2007


Japaneses like DONBULI cooking very much.DONBULI means " a bowl".And also it means a kind of cooking which you put something on a bowl of rice.You put various of ingredients on it, like Gyu-Don(with beef), Katsu-Don(with porc), Sukiyaki-Don(with Sukiyaki), Ten-Don(with Tempra)... Here, I present you Oyako-Don. It is on of the traditional japanese dishes.We call it OYAKO(parent and child) because you use chicken and egg together. Oyako-Donbulifor 2 serving 200g chicken thigh2 eggs1 leak10 mangetouts cooked... [Lire la suite]
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