21 août 2007

rice burger

MOS BURGER's rice burger in Japan. RICE BURGER KINPILA  145.5g 260kcalKinpila is one of the traditional japanese dishes. Stir-fried vegetable(gobo and carotte) with soy sauce. RICE BURGER KAISEN-KAKIAGE  175g  350kcalKAISEN-KAKIAGE is a kind of tempra with mixed seafood and vegetable. RICE BURGER BUTA-SHOGAYAKI  165g  420kcalGinger porc. MOS BURGER was founded in 1972 in Japan.TERIYAKI-BURGER was created by MOS in 1973.
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09 août 2007

My friend's Wasyoku

The dinner made by my friend in Tokyo. Saba-no-shioyaki(grilled mackerel), Kintoki-mame-no-amani(sweet cooked red-beans) , Okara(soy pulpe)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okara_%28food%29, Hijiki-ni(cooked hijiki), Holenso-no-ohitashi(spinach salad), Omisoshilu(miso-soup with nameko, gambo and wakame),  Mugi-gohan(boiled rice with barley). Thank you my friend!
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08 août 2007

Okinawa-cuisine "GOYA-CHAMPULU"

I spent my vacation in Japan.Here, this is my mum's cooking.During my vacation, I had a lot of her cuisine and also fresh fish!My father went to fishing and caught many fish.Of cause I ate them as Sashimi! Fresh fish tastes sweet and very good! Goya-champulu, Surimi and pumpkin salad, Sashimi of ISAKI and squid, sauté of gizzards and MENTAIKO, home-made tomato salad....and EBIS beer! RECIPE OF GOYA-CHAMPULU Ingredients 1 bitter melon200g of Tofu or Chikuwa2 oeufs200g of thinly sliced pork (cut into 3cm pieces)1... [Lire la suite]
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12 février 2007


Japaneses like DONBULI cooking very much.DONBULI means " a bowl".And also it means a kind of cooking which you put something on a bowl of rice.You put various of ingredients on it, like Gyu-Don(with beef), Katsu-Don(with porc), Sukiyaki-Don(with Sukiyaki), Ten-Don(with Tempra)... Here, I present you Oyako-Don. It is on of the traditional japanese dishes.We call it OYAKO(parent and child) because you use chicken and egg together. Oyako-Donbulifor 2 serving 200g chicken thigh2 eggs1 leak10 mangetouts cooked... [Lire la suite]
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30 janvier 2007

Tori-Tsukune - Chicken humburger Teriyaki sauce

Tori-Tsukune - Chicken humburger Teriyaki saucefor 2 serving250g of chicken breast1 onion (medium)3cm of fresh ginger1 egg (medium)2 table spoons flour1 dried red pepper1/2 tea spoon solt1 table spoon sakeSauce4 table spoons soy sauce2 table spoons mirin1 table spoon suger1 table spoon sake Grind chicken breast in a food processor. Peel onion and ginger, then grind them in a food processor. Put 1. and 2. into a bowl, then add egg and flour. Add solt and mix well with your hand. Moisten your hands. Form them into 6... [Lire la suite]
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23 janvier 2007

Chicken Sashimi

There is a yakitori-ya ( yakitori-restaurant) in my home town.It is called TORIKIN. Every year, when I go back to Japan, I go to TORIKIN to eat Tori-sashi. Here is Tori-sashi. It is sashimi of raw chicken.On the photo, there are breast fillets, gizzards and livers. You eat them with soy sauce and grated garlic or ginger.It have to be absolutely fresh, or you would have a risk of food poisoning.That's why we never make it at home in general.It is a famous gastronomic dish in south of japan. Beef sashimi and Horse... [Lire la suite]
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08 janvier 2007

NIKU-JAGA - Beef and potatoes stew

NIKU-JAGA is one of the most popular home cooking in Japan. Japanese likes this dish very much. We call it « Ofukuro-no-aji ( taste of mom's cooking) » My husband likes it very much. But he can't remember its name very well, so he call it « Mick Jagger » (!?) NIKU-JAGA - Beef and potapoes stewfor 2 servings 3 potatoes 1 carrots 2 leeks medium size (or 1 large onion) 200g minced beef meat ½ small canned green peas 1 table spoon of oil 4 table spoons of soy sauce *2 table spoons of sugar *2 table spoons of mirin « * If you... [Lire la suite]
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